Kru tapes Vol. 01 with Charlie Rain

January 24, 2018




 Listen to Kru tapes Vol. 01 Via Soundcloud here.




 Well you are probably wondering what the F*ck the Kru tapes are. O Trust me dunny you won't regret wondering. Every release or so we link up with a producer we fuck with and curate a special playlist of some their music. I had been plottin on this kru tapes idea for a while now but never had the chance to jump on it.  We had been playing a bunch of charlie's music in the studio during the making of our last collection and the idea of "kru tapes" came to my mind. I said Fuck it, Let's make this happen. I reached out to charlie and he was widdddddit. Mix a little Jazz, some 90s rap, a dash of lo-fi soul and you got your self Kru tapes Vol 01 produced by Charlie Rain and Hosted by the GRANDEST F**kin KRU of New york city. hahahaa. You know what. Ill stop chattin now. Go ahead and listen to this beautiful playlist


Big shout out to Charlie Rain and RIP Prodigy.


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