Medium Format with Willem Verbeck

February 12, 2018

Over the weekend Willem and Kevin linked up in Manhattan to kick it . They continued on to walk around the area and chat about their latest doings and stopping by the Carhartt WIP store to pick up the free magazines they offer. I mean who doesn't love free print ?  This is one of Kevin's favorite brands by far too. It was indeed a come up for both of them. Both Kevin and Willem are deeply interested in print and in a world where everything is so digital, to hold a picture or magazine means a ton to both of these young creatives. Anyways, Willem suggested they head to a local hand ball court where he could shoot some images with his medium format camera ....


Health,Wealth and Stealth to all in 2018 From the Grandest Kru in NewYorkCity


Check out Willem @willemverb 


 Meet Willem Verbeck 

Meet Kevin Horvath Shot by Willem Veerbeck






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