April 30, 2019



Peep the shred with the homies. Vin, Pat, Ryan, Kyle , and Goose from Thumbs Crew! shouts to y'all


Rolling brown skin i be/ Standing 5’10 i be/ Rocking it when i be/ in yo vicinity/ Raw style synergy/ Recognize symmetry/ Courts? try to injure me/ Broke em down chemically/ Ain’t the number 10 mc/ Talking bout how bent i be/ Started like Kennedy/ Late like a ten to three/ When i say when i be/ Girls say “Ven aqui”/ Cuz listing to my beat/ Girls like my style see/ Way out like Tennessee/ Take me to a place called the BK/ without pause or delay/ yet run like Penn relay/ Don't deal with he say she say/ Ain't workin' for no cheap pay/ The Mos Def beat play/ This is what the streets say/Hey Mr. DJ: Play that devil MO'gain/ That jam got me open/ Beside to break it broken/ from front front side to side middle to back/ Never the wack/ I come from Bedstuy, black/ From Louis A-V-E to be exact/ Brooklyn, where you at?



One Love , Killest.


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New York, NY
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