August 30, 2019

The Kru spent a few weeks in Europe this spring! We first headed to Colgone, Germany for the first stop to meet up with Domenico Rizzotti. After that Domenico joined us on a for a two hour flight to Barcleona were Pat linked up with us. As you know, a ton of skateboarding and all other antics that come with it went down to the fullest. An unforgettable and eventful trip that it was and to many more. 


Shout out the whole Kru who made the trip  ridiculously fun, Ryan Armand , Kyle Palma, Dom Rizzotti , Vin Rizzotti , Pat Langlitz and Kevin Horvath. Also a Big Shout out to all the wonderful people we met on our journey, Thomas, Ruven and all the LENT Homies. Julian and Benji from MACBA and many!!!


Check out some footage we captured below and peep the New Collection of goods here 


pce, ryder.





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