Catching up with Producer Charlie Rain

January 18, 2018

  Charlie Rain - Heatwave '97 Tape




I've been bumping Charlie Rain's music for some time now especially during some design sessions for Delivery 2 . With the upcoming release of his new Tape "Good eveing" dropping January 19th. I decided to catch up with him and see whats good ..........  Read Below




Ryder : Yo ! Whats good. I know you have been busy lately. So it's tight to catch up with you right now. How have you been?  What're you up to creatively?


Charlie Rain : Thanks man, I love what you guys do with the brand so its dope to be doing this! Ive definitely been busy lately. Been putting the finishing touches on my newest tape, ‘Good Evening’ and ordering cassette tapes to release it on. I’ve also been working with a guitarist/pianist friend of mine on some stuff with my own vocals, and more of a jazzy R&B feel. Also been working with KevinTheCreep from SIC/Doomshop Records on various prods. We should be putting out a collab tape sometime this yr which im stoked for because my production style/taste mixes with his in a really unique way and we always have a good time working together. I plan to reinvent myself and my sound a bit in 2018, to incorporate new ideas and inspirations and new equipment, more of my own vocals, etc. Big tings poppin lol


Ryder : Loving the tunes you been putting out since day 1. Actually found you via the HeatWave '97 tape. I was hooked ever since. Lo-fi , Ambient , Jazzy and throw in a lil 90s rap. Perfect mix for a good Vibe . From the producers perspective can you describe to us your music and a little bit of your process?


Charlie Rain : As far as describing my music goes, ive always struggled to find a fit in one specific genre. I’ve gone through so many different “phases” in my life with music and listened to just about every genre of music you can think of extensively at one point or another, and I cant help but bring that over into my own productions. I’ve always kind of blended multiple genres together and just went with what sounded best. I play guitar, bass, and am learning keys as i go, and have all kinds of samplers, synthesizers, plugin instruments, etc.  That i try to incorporate as much as possible to give my music a “human”



I also like to tap my drums out with my fingers as opposed to time-locking them with a beat sequencer as the subtle off-time hits give the drums a “human” feeling swing and keeps them from sounding robotic. Psychedlia and Soul music have both made huge impacts on me as well so I always make an effort to put soul and feeling into my music even if it only translates over instrumentally.


Ryder:  What got you into making music and what were your inspirations at first?


Charlie Rain : Honestly I owe a lot of credit to my Dad. He was a singer in rock/metal bands my whole childhood and I grew up idolizing him and telling all my friends my dad was a rockstar. I grew up listening to all the greatest rock n roll music with him. Kyuss, Tool, The Doors, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and basically any 60s-90’s rock n roll was the soundtrack to my childhood. Dad bought me my first guitar at 11 and I tried and failed many times after that and throughout high school to form rock bands with my friends, but I was always the only one serious about it and nothing panned out and I eventually gave up my music dreams for a moment in high school, instead focusing on sports and girls and fitting in and all that teenage stuff. And then i got a macbook and started smoking weed and as goofy as it sounds i would get high and start fucking around with Garageband (which came installed on my mac) and I instantly fell in love with music all over again. I made probably thousands of shitty tracks mimicking and somehow trying to combine some of my favorite artists at the time (and still) like Portishead, Pink Floyd, Cherub, The Weeknd, Nas, Toro y Moi, The Internet, etc. I sometimes miss those days and the feeling of having no idea what I’m doing and just winging it, ya know?


Ryder:  How did you discover your sound or say "Okay this is the type of music I'm going to make" 


Charlie Rain : One day while trying to find similar music to Portishead (as they were and probably are still my favorite group of all time) someone mentioned the great J Dilla for his smooth, chill instrumental hip hop vibe. I quite simply fell in love with his sound, his drum rhythms, the way he humanized electronically sampled and produced music was so inspiring to me that i began downloading all his stuff and dissecting his sound to improve my own. I began to realize I loved the dusty, lo-fi effect some of his beats had on them. they sounded like they were straight off a dusty 90’s cassette tape and I loved that this music could make me feel nostalgia for a time I never experienced, just like the rock n roll greats I grew up idolizing. This began a long love affair with 90s hip hop and trip hop which lead to the eventual synthesis of whatever it is the “charlie rain sound” is haha. So yeah, big ups Portishead and J Dilla. The new tape is actually sort of a personal tribute to Dilla as many of the drum rhythms are heavily inspired by his unique swing and sound. he truly was ahead of his time. what I call a “producer’s producer.”


Ryder: Who are some of your favorite Artist/Producers right now?


Charlie Rain : I’m really loving everything the current underground soundcloud/bandcamp scene is putting out. producer wise, there are really too many to name. Though I must say this dude from Australia, jhfly is inspiring me heavy lately and produced a few of the instrumentals I’m using on my next tape with my own vocals on it. dude has such a melancholy but soulful sound it resonates well with my soul. The SIC/Doomshop dudes are killin shit right now, shout out KevinTheCreep, Tyris White, Stonedogg, Domsta, and errbody else. I’ve also been listening to a ton of Anderson Paak and Knxwledge’s project Nxworries, they got the soulful sauce fasho. My girlfriend got me into Kali Uchis as well and she is really becoming a favorite of mine lately. I really love all music made with love and emotion. Honestly I’ll probably think of a ton more people later and be pissed I forgot to mention them lol


Ryder : What kind of music are you listening to lately?


Charlie Rain : Honestly I listen to totally different music randomly based on how I feel. sometimes I’ll throw on some 70s or 80s R&B love jams like the Isley Brothers or Bloodstone, sometimes I throw on some old 40’s and 50’s bluesy stuff like the Ink Spots or Billie Holliday, sometimes i get in moods where i listen to nothing but Johnny Cash, Hank Jr. and outlaw country, sometimes I wanna bang my head to the deftones, tool, or system of a down, sometimes i eat some mushrooms and melt to pink floyd or parliament funkadelic. idk I just appreciate and vibe with so much music I never get bored with it and am constantly finding new shit and revisiting old shit lol. 


Ryder : Thats tight ! Who are some artist you would like to work with in the future?


Charlie Rain : I would love to work with Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, or The Weeknd someday. they would be at the top of my list as far as ‘modern’ artists are concerned. or anyone from The Doors, Pink Floyd, or Portishead, if they would ever consider me worthy haha. Dave Gilmour and Robbie Krieger are lifelong idols of mine. Also Maynard James Keenan, that guys a genius and even a brief glimpse into his process, im sure, could teach so much. Mac Miller would be dope too. hes such a slept on producer and artist in general, and we have the same birthday… (january 19) birthday collab perhaps?? hit me up mac lmao


Ryder : Oh shit almost forgot to ask ! Tell us what city Charlie Rain is reppin' Where you from?


Charlie Rain : I’m from a mediocre town in east Texas called Longview. Not a lot really ever happens around here so there’s plenty of time to make soundscapes to escape into.


Ryder : I saw you post about a new project coming out soon. Could you tell us a little more about that and what to expect ?


Charlie Rain : Yeah, the new tape Good Evening is coming out on my birthday, january 19th. Its some of my best work so far in my opinion, and its a bit of a personal tribute to one of my heroes, J Dilla. Expect some chill vibrations that make you feel like its1995 & ur cruisin thru your city at night in a benz, It will be my first tape with physical cassette releases available so im stoked to finally be able to give my fans a ‘tangible’ product they can hold in their hands.



"Expect some chill vibrations that make you feel like its1995 & ur cruisin' thru your city at night in a benz"



Ryder : What are some goals charlie rain would like to achieve in the year 2018 on the music end ?


Charlie Rain : I would just like to grow as much as possible. having cassette releases will be a big step already but id like to eventually take it a step further and start a label of my own to release cassettes for some of my favorite underground artists. I would love the opportunity to help artists I admire grow. Besides that I plan to play a few shows performing my original vocals shit, as well as do DJ sets for my beats. The year just started tho, who knows what tricks I’ll pull out of my sleeve.


Ryder : Awesome man, It was hella tight catching up with you. Before I leave though is there any shout outs you want to give or anything you'd like the people to know?


Charlie Rain : January 19th, Good Evening will be available on bandcamp, and it will be on itunes and all other major stores shortly after that. Limited runs of cassettes will be pressed, so get em while i got em! Shoutout matt (bsd.u) shoutout SIC/Doomshop Records, and big shoutout to my dude Kevin and everyone at Grand Kru. One Love!



Listen To  Charlie Rains music via Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify.




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